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The following titles are new blu-ray releases and/or new DVD releases for October 21, 2014.

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October 21, 2014: New Blu-ray Releases + New DVD Releases

Featured New Releases for Oct 21, 2014

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00M6X9ZS2]
» Mad Men: The Final Season - Part 1
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Mad Men: The Final Season - Part 1&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00M6X9ZS2]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=3&text1=DVD&text2=Mad Men: The Final Season - Part 1&text3=DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00M6X9ZTG]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00M7D824O]
» Snowpiercer
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Snowpiercer&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00M7D824O]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=Snowpiercer&text3=DVD&asin=B00M7D82E4]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00KX45CJW]
» Downton Abbey: Seasons 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=11&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Downton Abbey: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00KX45CJW]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=12&text1=DVD&text2=Downton Abbey: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4&text3=DVD&asin=B00KX44P22]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LU7K55M]
» Sex Tape
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Sex Tape&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00LU7K55M]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Sex Tape&text3=DVD&asin=B00LU7JB66]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LWLX99A]
» The Purge: Anarchy
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray Combo&text2=The Purge: Anarchy&text3=Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00LWLX99A]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=The Purge: Anarchy&text3=DVD&asin=B00LWLTW50]

Movies: Oct 21, 2014 New Movie Releases on Blu-ray & DVD

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00MHIKJBI]
» Earth to Echo
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray Combo&text2=Earth to Echo&text3=Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00MHIKJBI]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Earth to Echo&text3=DVD&asin=B00MHIKRVA]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LOMGG06]
» Los Angeles Plays Itself
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Los Angeles Plays Itself&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00LOMGG06]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Los Angeles Plays Itself&text3=DVD&asin=B00LOFYBP0]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00MTP41DQ]
» Life After Beth
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Life After Beth&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00MTP41DQ]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Life After Beth&text3=DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00MTP419A]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00MU1YEHC]
» The Fluffy Movie - Extended Edition
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray Combo&text2=The Fluffy Movie - Extended Edition&text3=Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00MU1YEHC]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=The Fluffy Movie - Extended Edition&text3=DVD&asin=B00MU1YEY0]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00ENP6I9U]
» King's Faith
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=King's Faith&text3=DVD&asin=B00ENP6I9U]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LD0VANC]
» Kundo: Age of the Rampant
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Kundo: Age of the Rampant&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00LD0VANC]

TV Shows: Oct 21, 2014 New TV Show Releases on Blu-ray & DVD

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00JHH21FY]
» Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=8&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00JHH21FY]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LBU7IBC]
» Sunday Without God: Complete Collection
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Sunday Without God: Complete Collection&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00LBU7IBC]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=3&text1=DVD&text2=Sunday Without God: Complete Collection&text3=DVD&asin=B00LBU7R7W]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00LMBURJ0]
» The Soul Man: Season 2
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=The Soul Man: Season 2&text3=DVD&asin=B00LMBURJ0]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00KC88EA8]
» Silent Witness: Season 1
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=Silent Witness: Season 1&text3=DVD&asin=B00KC88EA8]
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October 21, 2014: New Blu-ray Releases, New DVD Releases


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