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The following titles are new blu-ray releases and/or new DVD releases for January 13, 2015.

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January 13, 2015: New Blu-ray Releases + New DVD Releases

Featured New Releases for Jan 13, 2015

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00Q5996EQ]
» Gone Girl
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Gone Girl&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00Q5996EQ]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Gone Girl&text3=DVD&asin=B00Q599A8S]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00NH0MD14]
» Boardwalk Empire: Season 5
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=4&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Boardwalk Empire: Season 5&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00NH0MD14]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=4&text1=DVD&text2=Boardwalk Empire: Season 5&text3=DVD&asin=B00NH0MC4W]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00NQE6X3A]
» A Walk Among the Tombstones
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray Combo&text2=A Walk Among the Tombstones&text3=Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00NQE6X3A]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=A Walk Among the Tombstones&text3=DVD&asin=B00NQE5V60]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OJ0X41E]
» House of Lies: Season 3
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=House of Lies: Season 3&text3=DVD&asin=B00OJ0X41E]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00M0JU3VU]
» Mythbusters: 10th Anniversary Collection
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=10&text1=DVD&text2=Mythbusters: 10th Anniversary Collection&text3=DVD&asin=B00M0JU3VU]

Movies: Jan 13, 2015 New Movie Releases on Blu-ray & DVD

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00MHT49OK]
» Ducktales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Ducktales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp&text3=DVD&asin=B00MHT49OK]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OLIIGNU]
» The Two Faces of January
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=The Two Faces of January&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00OLIIGNU]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=The Two Faces of January&text3=DVD&asin=B00OLIIEZK]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OYSZP5E]
» Racing Hearts
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Racing Hearts&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00OYSZP5E]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Racing Hearts&text3=DVD&asin=B00OYSZP2C]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00N5B5B3M]
» Love Is Strange
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Love Is Strange&text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00N5B5B3M]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Love Is Strange&text3=DVD&asin=B00N5B5BHS]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OHLR7BS]
» The Identical
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=Blu-ray Combo&text2=The Identical&text3=Blu-ray / DVD&asin=B00OHLR7BS]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=The Identical&text3=DVD&asin=B00OHLR6QY]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00NBIH08S]
» Wetlands
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Wetlands &text3=Blu-ray&asin=B00NBIH08S]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Wetlands &text3=DVD&asin=B00NBIH060]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OV3VE9S]
» Revenge of the Green Dragons
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=Blu-ray&text2=Revenge of the Green Dragons&text3=Blu-ray / Digital Copy&asin=B00OV3VE9S]

  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=1&text1=DVD&text2=Revenge of the Green Dragons&text3=DVD / Digital Copy&asin=B00OV3VBZU]

TV Shows: Jan 13, 2015 New TV Show Releases on Blu-ray & DVD

[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OAIHHRC]
» The Facts Of Life: The Complete Series
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=27&text1=DVD&text2=The Facts Of Life: The Complete Series&text3=DVD&asin=B00OAIHHRC]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OAIHIQC]
» NYPD Blue: Season 8
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=5&text1=DVD&text2=NYPD Blue: Season 8&text3=DVD&asin=B00OAIHIQC]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00MHT49LS]
» Gargoyles: Season 2 Volume 2
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=3&text1=DVD&text2=Gargoyles: Season 2 Volume 2&text3=DVD&asin=B00MHT49LS]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OJ0X4A0]
» Episodes: The Third Season
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=Episodes: The Third Season&text3=DVD&asin=B00OJ0X4A0]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00NMNUKF2]
» Dallas: Season 3
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=3&text1=DVD&text2=Dallas: Season 3&text3=DVD&asin=B00NMNUKF2]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00OLIIFOA]
» One Piece: Collection 11
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=4&text1=DVD&text2=One Piece: Collection 11&text3=DVD&asin=B00OLIIFOA]
[amazon template=thumbnail_us&asin=B00NP06E7U]
» One Piece: Season 6 - Voyage Three
  • [amazon template=text_out_us&text=2&text1=DVD&text2=One Piece: Season 6 - Voyage Three&text3=DVD&asin=B00NP06E7U]
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January 13, 2015: New Blu-ray Releases, New DVD Releases


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    Have waiting for Gone
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