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Dunkirk is available on blu-ray, DVD and digital HD/SD. Get details on Dunkirk special features for blu-ray and DVD, and available Dunkirk digital HD bonus features.

Compare versions in the chart below (more details below), and preview some special features with featurette video clips “History” and “Weathering the Storm”:

Dunkirk – History Featurette

Dunkirk Special Features Comparison

Compare: Check the following special feature comparison chart** to see which versions do or don’t include a Dunkirk special feature or format.

Details: Below the chart, get more details on the included Dunkirk special features, or bonus features, for each edition of Dunkirk.

Note: = Special Feature Included. = Special Feature Not Included.

Special Features
4K Ultra HD Combo PackBlu-ray Combo PackDVD VersioniTunes Digital HD (iTunes Extras)
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR - Dunkirk
Blu-ray - Dunkirk
DVD - Dunkirk
Digital Copy - DunkirkDigital HDDigital HD
Digital HD
Creation - Dunkerque
Creation - Expanding the Frame
Creation - The In-Camera Approach
Land - Rebuilding the Mole
Land - The Army On the Beach
Land - Uniform Approach
Air - Taking to the Air
Air - Inside the Cockpit
Sea - Assembling the Naval Fleet
Sea - Launching the Moonstone
Sea - Taking to the Sea
Sea - Sinking the Ships
Sea - The Little Ships
Conclusion - Turning Up the Tension
Conclusion - The Dunkirk Spirit

** This is pre-release info for Dunkirk blu-ray/DVD/digital HD special features, and may be subject to change upon release.

Dunkirk Bonus Features Details

Here is a list of Dunkirk DVD/blu-ray special features included on all blu-ray and DVD versions of Dunkirk. Only the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack version includes the film in 4K UHD blu-ray with HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The iTunes digital HD version of Dunkirk includes also all of the available Dunkirk DVD/blu-ray bonus features. The Amazon Video digital versions of Dunkirk do not include any bonus features.

The time/length of each featurette is also shown below.

Dunkirk Blu-ray and DVD Contents
  • Creation – Revisiting The Miracle [7 min 44 sec]
  • Creation – Dunkerque [4 min 53 sec]
  • Creation – Expanding the Frame [3 min 22 sec]
  • Creation – The In-Camera Approach [5 min 47 sec]
  • Land – Rebuilding the Mole [5 min 55 sec]
  • Land – The Army On the Beach [5 min 13 sec]
  • Land – Uniform Approach [5 min 16 sec]
  • Air – Taking to the Air [12 min 27 sec]
  • Air – Inside the Cockpit [5 min 53 sec]
  • Sea – Assembling the Naval Fleet [3 min 34 sec]
  • Sea – Launching the Moonstone [5 min 49 sec]
  • Sea – Taking to the Sea [13 min 37 sec]
  • Sea – Sinking the Ships [7 min 22 sec]
  • Sea – The Little Ships [5 min 51 sec]
  • Conclusion – Turning Up the Tension [7 min 10 sec]
  • Conclusion – The Dunkirk Spirit [7 min 47 sec]

Dunkirk – Weathering the Storm Featurette

About Dunkirk

Dunkirk is a war film written and directed by Christopher Nolan.

It is now available on blu-ray, DVD and digital HD/SD..

Digital HD Release Date: Dec 12, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date: Dec 19, 2017
Movie Run Time: 106 minutes

Dunkirk Special Features Comparison (4K UHD Blu-ray / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital HD Versions)


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