DVDBlurayFeatures.com – In Short:

The focus of DVDBlurayFeatures.com is to clearly show and compare the differences between all the various blu-ray/DVD versions, of a given movie or TV series. Site content consists of facts regarding DVD and Blu-ray releases, rather than opinions, therefore, participation in affiliate programs has no impact on site content.

DVDBlurayFeatures.com – Disclosure:

DVDBlurayFeatures.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

DVDBlurayFeatures.com – Detailed:

Special Features: DVDBlurayFeatures.com is focused on comparing special features included on different versions of DVD and blu-ray releases. The aim is to help decide which version of a movie or TV show to buy, on DVD or blu-ray. Wherever possible, the differences between different DVD and blu-ray versions will be clearly shown.

Versions: DVDBlurayFeatures.com is focused on the major versions released for each title. For some TV or movie releases, other DVD or blu-ray variations may be available, in addition to the ones detailed on this website. These may include certain special editions, international versions, or some other type or release. Not all of these extra variations may be covered here.

Accuracy: Information presented on this website is compiled from multiple sources and best efforts are made to ensure accuracy, however, all content is not absolutely guaranteed to be accurate.

For example, in some cases, information regarding newer or upcoming releases may be incomplete, as full details may not yet be available. If more accurate or updated information is discovered, then site content will be updated as appropriate. For upcoming releases, special feature details may change as the release date approaches, thus some information may become outdated or inaccurate. If information is uncertain when an article is posted, it will be noted in the article or else it will not be included.

Comments are welcome. If you have updated information regarding DVD or blu-ray details, please share in the comments of the relevant article.

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